VCANUS is the company with strong growth potential. The name of VCANUS is borrowed from “Volcanus” that is the Latin name of “Vulcan”. Vulcan is the god of fire and can be depicted with the blacksmith’s hammer. We aim for people’s better life by making useful and helpful solutions like fire and blacksmith’s production.

1. Vision

Trusted company with better technology

2. Actions

 - Agile
 - Positive
 - Passionate 
 - Collaborative

3. Values

 - Customer
 - Integrity
 - Innovation

4. Business Area

1) B2B - Software for Industry

VCANUS provides products and solutions to increase productivity.

Industy Field

 - FPD/Semi-conductor Manufacturing
 - Printed Electronics
 - 3D Metal Printing
 - Machining
 - Energy

2) B2C - Web/Mobile Application

 - Medication Device & Software
 - Education Software